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Route planning: How to make your deliveries more efficient?

Good logistics management can improve a company’s various processes, including making deliveries more efficient. To achieve this, it is necessary to have a well-aligned route planning and execution. In fact, many companies of different sizes and profiles face a major challenge when it comes to establishing a structured delivery route. That is why relying on route planners can be a good way to start.

Considering the importance of route planning, here are some tips to help make your deliveries more efficient.

You need to plan your stock for your sales forcast

Do you want to have quality logistics management and ensure more efficient deliveries?

Then good purchasing planning is essential. In other words, sales forecasts and a controlled stock rotation guarantee better results.

For this, you can use historical sales data as well as current trends. In this way, you can establish the total purchases for each stock item and per distributor. With this optimization, you minimize the possibility of missing or surplus items, as well as all the costs of this situation.

Choosing the right vehicle

Most of the time, a large vehicle is best suited for large volume of deliveries. However, in some cases, agility must be prioritized. Therefore, choosing a smaller vehicle – such as a motorcycle, van or even a delivery bike – may be the best option. You should plan and evaluate what will make deliveries more efficient.

Be aware of damage and ensure that products are always intact.

When placing an order, the consumer expects to receive the product without any problem or defect, therefore, you must not take even more attention to avoid delivering anything damaged, this can affect the image of your brand.

When storing and transporting materials, you must observe the specificity of each item, thus ensuring that the handling is done correctly and guaranteeing more efficient deliveries.

Invest in reverse logistics

Delivery errors are very common, an example of this is when you deliver of goods to the wrong customer or even when the client just doesn´t like the product and wants to change it. Therefore, it is essential that you are prepared for situations like this and plan reverse logistics.

Establish performance indicators

Performance indicators are very important for monitoring and evaluating the processes and activities performed, with them, it is possible to identify bottlenecks, errors and successes within the logistics chain.

Check which indicators make the most sense for your company and start monitoring them, do not forget to share the results with the team so that everyone knows where to direct efforts, in this way, the chances of having more efficient deliveries grow exponentially.

Invest in technology

Technology makes life easier for many people and logistics is no different, through it, you can automate several processes, generating greater gains in productivity and reduce errors.

In addition, it is possible to have more confidence in the information, reduce costs, among many other benefits. Some technological solutions are essential to have more efficient deliveries, such as.

ERP: Enterprise Resource Planning, an integrated management system that allows to manage several areas of the company in a single software. With it, it is possible to centralize information and facilitate data exchange.

GHS: Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals, a software focused on stock management. Its functionalities makes it possible to control routines such as receiving, routing, order separation, inventory and dispatch.

TMS: Transport Management System, a system that helps transport management and other tasks, such as load consolidation, route planning, vehicle tracking and incident control.

With these tips, you will make your company’s deliveries much more efficient, and you will have an optimized logistics distribution center. Did you like these tips? Subscribe to our blog and receive more content like this.