On-time deliveries: tips for satisfying your customers this holiday season

In e-commerce, the most successful companies are those that focus on a specific key performance indicator: customer satisfaction. This is the case during the peak Christmas season, if a delivery does not arrive on time under the Christmas tree, the disappointment is huge. If the delivery does not arrive by Christmas or if the products are not in stock, customers will switch to the competition with a clear conscience. Even the most loyal devotees of a particular retailer sometimes tend to become “unfaithful” during the holiday season.

 Despite the pressure, the holiday season gives companies the opportunity to impress customers with exceptional logistics. If they can handle the amplified levels of demand this Christmas, they can build stronger customer relationships and start the New Year on a positive note.

To achieve this, our Country Manager Juan Angel, describes today’s consumer and shares some tips to make on-time deliveries possible this Christmas:

– Demanding: he expects from customer services a quick and effective response through multiple channels that he is used to (website chat, social networks, emails, etc.) For such reasons, always be attentive to the communication channels with the customer, use specialized software, if you do not have the information or solution at hand, show yourself available and attentive to generate closeness and connection with your consumer.

– Trained: We are no longer talking only about informed consumers, today people know concrete data about the functionality, benefits and intangible characteristics that add value to the products or services they are looking for. Do not hesitate to provide the customer with all the necessary tools to provide the best possible service and always be sincere about the possibility of fulfilling your promises.

– Hyperconnected: in addition to the above, people have access to the Internet 24 hours a day, which means that they follow the product and service exhaustively. In view of this, it is important for the customer to be able to follow up on the purchase process in real time. With Drivin’s TMS you will be able to track the delivery process and also allow the consumer to know when they will receive the purchased product or service, a platform that adapts to the needs of large, medium and small businesses.

– Independent: You no longer offer lifetime loyalty to a brand, you are only loyal to your needs. If you find another brand that responds better to what you are looking for, you simply migrate. This is a risk if you do not provide good service and a quality product, as negative comments can generate a negative image of your brand.

– Demanding: he expects a fast and effective response from customer services through multiple channels that he is used to navigating. That is why it is essential that you choose the right tools that allow you to stand out in the market, both in your service, product delivery and customer communication. 

How is your company’s logistics preparing for the Christmas season? Are you taking action?