How Fleet Management Software Can Improve Your Market Position

Efficiency and cost optimization are essential objectives for any logistics manager, but the way we manage transportation and deliveries has increasingly grown as an important component of the client satisfaction’s formula, and the brand’s positioning strategies.

In one of our previous blogs, Getting intimate with your customers, we wrote about a recent survey by BVL International, based on interviews with 62 international supply chain management as well as over 1800 respondents from the logistics and manufacturing industry, we found that the top priority for logistics managers was “meeting customer expectations” (22%) followed by “on-time delivery” (17%).

The truth is that “customers have zero patience for a failed service attempt”, says Aly Pinder Jr., Senior Research Analyst of Aberdeen Group, in the Fleet Management Trends 2014 Study.

This also leads us to remember the Adimark 3D 2014 Social Study, where “confidence” was identified as the key factor that creates a permanent bond between people and brands. In addition, the Adimark 2016 Study of Consumers and Brand Respect showed that confidence on its own isn’t enough anymore to build a long term relationship with costumers, transparency has raised as a new key factor.

But how does a fleet management solution help improve customer’s trust and satisfaction, resulting in a stronger brand positioning? Believe me, it helps a lot. Take for instance the Drivin software – for it to work, you need to upload both the service time (how long you take to deliver once you are in the location) and the time window when you are expected to deliver. The system provides you with the optimal routes and the sequence of delivery for each order, considering all your client’s request. An on-time delivery always helps to build your clients confidence in your brand. If you add real-time tracking, as Drivin does, you can visualize where your entire fleet is and check the alerts the system provides, associated to each vehicle. When there is a deviation from the original plan, you receive notifications, to take actions over them.

This kind of solution allows your company to plan an entire operation, and even to consider last minute exceptions or route changes.

In fact, the Drivin fleet management solution helps to reduce 90% of planning time and 30% of transportation costs. These improvements not only lead to better results, but to happier clients too. This is the reason why many companies around the world have adopted route optimization software and other business intelligence tools. Focusing on the client helps to retain customers.

How are you managing your fleet? Are you using a route optimization software? Is it contributing to your brand’s position in the market?

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Francisca is the Business Development Director of Drivin, a SaaS transportation management solution that generates an optimized delivery plan, improves customer service, and reduces transportation costs by up to 30% from day one.