Four Sources of Information Every Logistics Manager Should Look Into

Being informed should be key for any logistics manager. Because everything works it doesn’t mean your business is fully optimized. There are thousands of businesses related to logistics, and being up to date with the latest trends other colleagues have implemented is very important to develop a great strategy inside the workplace.

Because of this, there are great information sources to research of the different subjects related to fleet management and logistics thanks to social media such as LinkedIn and Podcasts in Ivoox or iTunes which allows managers to connect with others to get updates, trends and news of the industry.

Here are four spaces that all logistics managers should at least look into to be able to see what others are doing with their businesses and optimize a new strategy to make their own grow in size.

1.- Supply Chain Today: Latest News & Trends, Delete Spam, Technology Innovation, Search Executive Jobs

This LinkedIn group shows up in most Logistics and Supply Chains CEOs profiles, and there is no doubt why. Having almost 100 thousand members, it has turned into one of the main social points for logistics managers.

Ran by SupplyChainToday.com, moderators encourage users to add content in the page and share content also posted in the website. One of the main points is their no spam policy, which also includes webinars and other offers that make this nexus miss the point on being an informative and social spot for professionals.

2.- Logistics and Supply Chain professionals

The largest logistics and transport LinkedIn group. It boasts over 227,469 members and keep growing by the day, and while it doesn’t look as organized as other entries in this list, it is one of the best places to look for contacts and connections in the business.

Ran by CEOs and other important figures inside the industry, this spot constantly offers discussion around the topics of warehouse management, storage, transport and the latest technology, where you can meet, talk and share information with the largest group of professionals in this subject.

3.- Supply Chain, Logistics, Purchasing & Procurement Jobs, Careers and Recruitment Group

While in many groups posting for jobs is forbidden, this one encourages users to look for or offer jobs inside this industry to the almost 65 thousand members spanning UK, USA, Canada and Europe.

While it is possible that your business is going great and there is no need to look for another venture, it is always useful to have this group nearby to look for qualified professionals that could join your team and become an important part of it.

4.- Straight Talk With Supply Chain Insights

Ever wanted to listen from industry leaders, straight from the source in an up to date conversation about logistics, management, personal growth and advices from people who made it big?

This podcast, launched in 2012, has over 188 episodes and counting covering subjects from every point of view, from fleet and warehouse management to route optimization software and human resources managing.

Created by SupplyChainInsights.com, this podcast talks about the industry in its most recent state by the people who now offers conferences and is considered a leader in the matter. And the best of all, they are all completely free and ready to listen through iTunes.

Francisca is the Business Development Director of Drivin, a SaaS transportation management solution that generates an optimized delivery plan, improves customer service, and reduces transportation costs by up to 30% from day one.