4 tips to adapt your logistics to Black Friday

4 tips to adapt your logistics to Black Friday

Logistics on Black Friday becomes a vital issue. No matter how well you manage your marketing and sales strategies, if the delivery of products does not work efficiently, you will generate unhappy customers. Hence the importance of logistics during this time… 

 How can I adapt logistics and successfully overcome this challenge? There are several key aspects that you will have to overcome to face Black Friday successfully.

 We will tell you 4 important tips to do so, so take note!

1. Be aware of your operational capacity

The most important thing is to know your operational capacity, i.e. to be clear about the volume of orders you can handle in this short period of time. For this, there are several metrics or KIPs that can help in the process: order history, how long it takes you to prepare an order, lead time and what you can do to save time.

With these answers you can get a clear picture of how your warehouse is doing.

2. Evaluate hiring staff

It is also a good time to ask yourself if it is convenient to hire workers for this season and to take into account the training phase that the new staff needs.

If you know in advance how much staff you will need, you will have more margin to be prepared at key moments. To do this, a fundamental aspect is to be able to predict the demand you will have, something that with technology is becoming more and more accessible.

3. Be prepared for reverse logistics

As is to be expected in this season, returns are the order of the day. Therefore, learning how to manage and reduce the costs of reverse logistics will be a key aspect.

4. Use technology to automate processes

Fleet management is very important for these dates. Anticipating and planning through technological tools ensures that transportation capacity does not fail at the worst of times.

Take advantage of this technology both to track packages in real time and to evaluate your team’s productivity and find opportunities for improvement. 

Implement a system that allows your staff to maintain constant communication with your fleet or operational delivery suppliers and customers. For example, a transportation management system (TMS) that offers various functionalities, including real-time visibility of the units, helps to identify extraordinary needs such as route changes, delays, among others that impact customer service levels.

What solutions does Drivin offer you?

Drivin helps you take your logistics to the next level, make your logistics operation more profitable and improve your customer service level. Some of the benefits you will get when using Drivin are:

  1. Reduce transportation costs by up to 30%.

2. Real-time visibility of your fleet and deliveries

3. Savings of up to 90% in planning time

4. Improved service level

5. Increase the performance of your drivers

6. Improve existing processes